Look Out For In Camping Hammocks

Learn 4 Things To Look Out For In Camping Hammocks

Camping is one of the fun things to do in life. Whether you hike into the woods or just pull up a vehicle to a site and set up right there, you get a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the general madness of daily life, and most importantly, away from people who drive you crazy. Many campsites also get you away from technology, although you can certainly bring your own.

For many, all they need is the sun and stars, and perhaps a good book, all of which can be enjoyed best from a camping hammock. Spending time just hanging in a hammock is one of the best naps you can ever have, but the camping hammock needs to be the right one. Keep reading to learn four things to look out for in camping hammocks:

  1. Is long and wide enough? A camping hammock that you’re going to relax in has to be big enough to support whoever will be resting in it. You might think at first that all beds are big enough for this, but you might be thinking subconsciously of the last bed you were in. Camping hammocks do vary in size and even shape to some degree, so make sure the one you buy has the length and width to support you and whoever else might spend time in it.
  2. What are the weight limits? Not all camping hammocks have the same weight limits. Many go up to 200 pounds, and some go up to 250. Be honest with yourself about your weight, even if you don’t share that detail with others. The weight limit is especially critical to be mindful of if you decide to cuddle up with someone in your camping blanket.
  3. How hard is it to dry if it gets caught in the rain? Rain sometimes happens when camping, and you might not have a chance to put the camping hammock away before it gets soaked. See what the manufacturer says about drying it out or storing it wet while you go home, although many hammocks are relatively water-resistant these days.
  4. What can you hang it from? Consider what you will have around your campsite that could support a camping hammock and anyone in it. You don’t want to injure innocent trees that can’t take the weight.