Choosing The Right Hammock

There’s nothing quite like heading off on a camping trip. Exhilaration, adventure and that wonderful sense of feeling at one with nature are just a few of the things that await you.

However, to make sure that your camping trip is memorable for all the right reasons, choosing the right hammock is crucial. Make the right choice, and you’re well on the road to a vast camping experience, make the wrong choice, and you could be wishing you had stayed at home!

So here you go, my fellow campers, a quick and precise guide to choosing the right camping hammock.

Dimensions Are Important

Hammock widths vary from 48 inches to 102 inches, depending on whether you are looking for a single or double style. Don’t be fooled into thinking that wider is always better. A hammock that is too broad may make you feel pretty claustrophobic as the extra material will wrap itself around you.

You’ll also need to give thought to length. In general, if you are tall you should be looking at a model which is over 96 inches. If, like myself, you weren’t blessed with height, a slightly shorter model should do you fine.

Choose A Hammock With Plenty Of Adjustment Points

Hammocks need suspension systems, as well as a pair of carabiners. Some companies will sell everything in one pack; others will require you to buy the accessories separately. The key point here is to choose a hammock that has a lot of attachment points. This will give you more flexibility when you’re setting up, vital when you need to adapt to your surroundings.

Carabiners For Hammocks
Carabiners For Hammocks

Think About Comfort Versus Weight

A full hammock set can weigh in at as little as 7 ounces or can be as heavy as several pounds. Reflect on how much you will be comfortable to carry and whether you plan to do a lot of hiking with your hammock on your back. Ultimately it comes down to comfort versus weight, and that’s something only you can decide.

There’s no doubt that camping is one of life’s simple, yet exciting, activities. Nature offers plenty to enjoy and explore, and there’s no better way to do it than with a trusty hammock as your partner. Just make sure you take your time and follow the tips above, then all that’s left to do is have an excellent camping adventure!