How Do Dry Bags Keep Water Out?

Dry bags are unique bags that are designed to keep your belongings dry when you are camping, participating in water-based activities such as boating or swimming, or in other outdoor situations where you may be exposed to water. There are a couple of different ways that these bags keep water out.

One primary design component that makes them waterproof is the material that they are made from. Most modern bags are made from PVC tarpaulin. This durable material is exceptionally waterproof, making it a great choice for creating bags that will keep your belongings dry.

Choosing the right material for the bags is only half the battle, however. You still have to deal with the seams of the bag. Most waterproof bags feature welded seam construction. In essence, the seams of the bag are melted together using heat, creating a watertight seal. As you can well imagine, this is a far better option than simply stitching the seams together since it eliminates all of the holes that water might be able to use to find its way inside the bag.

Finally, the closure of the bag also needs to be taken into consideration. You need to have an opening so that you can get your belongings inside. However, this opening needs to be able to seal tightly shut after the bag is full so that water cannot get inside. This is usually accomplished by having a roll top on the bag. In essence, you roll the top of the bag down several times. This creates a tight seal that is strong enough to keep water out.

Hopefully, this basic introduction gives you a better idea of how dry bags keep water out. Using one of these bags for your outdoor adventures is a great way to ensure that all of your belongings stay safe and dry.…

Dry Bags Online

Found A Large Selection Of Dry Bags Online And Ordered A Few

My husband and I enjoy kayaking and boating, and we were looking for great dry bags to keep our important things in while we are doing this stuff. We like to take our things with us, but we are afraid of them getting wet and ruined.


We started looking at dry bags in a sporting goods store we were at. There were a few different sizes, and we both wanted to get our own for our things. This is great on kayaking trips especially when we aren’t necessarily together for the entire voyage. After looking at the selection the store had there, I decided that I wanted to look online to see if I could find a bigger selection.

I went online and found a large variety of dry bags on several different websites. I also found them on sale online, and they were a little cheaper than they were in the store.

I showed my husband the selection of them I found online, and I showed him the ones on the website I wanted to order them from. I told him they had free shipping too so I was going to order from here. He took a look at the website and their dry bags. He found one that he wanted to get so we added the dry bags to our shopping cart.

We got them in the mail about a week later. I like the ones we ordered and think they are great quality and will keep our things dry. I am glad I looked online and found one that I liked. There were so many to choose from online, and I was able to get one that is different from the ones in the store.

Look Out For In Camping Hammocks

Learn 4 Things To Look Out For In Camping Hammocks

Camping is one of the fun things to do in life. Whether you hike into the woods or just pull up a vehicle to a site and set up right there, you get a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the general madness of daily life, and most importantly, away from people who drive you crazy. Many campsites also get you away from technology, although you can certainly bring your own.

For many, all they need is the sun and stars, and perhaps a good book, all of which can be enjoyed best from a camping hammock. Spending time just hanging in a hammock is one of the best naps you can ever have, but the camping hammock needs to be the right one. Keep reading to learn four things to look out for in camping hammocks:

  1. Is long and wide enough? A camping hammock that you’re going to relax in has to be big enough to support whoever will be resting in it. You might think at first that all beds are big enough for this, but you might be thinking subconsciously of the last bed you were in. Camping hammocks do vary in size and even shape to some degree, so make sure the one you buy has the length and width to support you and whoever else might spend time in it.
  2. What are the weight limits? Not all camping hammocks have the same weight limits. Many go up to 200 pounds, and some go up to 250. Be honest with yourself about your weight, even if you don’t share that detail with others. The weight limit is especially critical to be mindful of if you decide to cuddle up with someone in your camping blanket.
  3. How hard is it to dry if it gets caught in the rain? Rain sometimes happens when camping, and you might not have a chance to put the camping hammock away before it gets soaked. See what the manufacturer says about drying it out or storing it wet while you go home, although many hammocks are relatively water-resistant these days.
  4. What can you hang it from? Consider what you will have around your campsite that could support a camping hammock and anyone in it. You don’t want to injure innocent trees that can’t take the weight.

Choosing The Right Hammock

There’s nothing quite like heading off on a camping trip. Exhilaration, adventure and that wonderful sense of feeling at one with nature are just a few of the things that await you.

However, to make sure that your camping trip is memorable for all the right reasons, choosing the right hammock is crucial. Make the right choice, and you’re well on the road to a vast camping experience, make the wrong choice, and you could be wishing you had stayed at home!

So here you go, my fellow campers, a quick and precise guide to choosing the right camping hammock.

Dimensions Are Important

Hammock widths vary from 48 inches to 102 inches, depending on whether you are looking for a single or double style. Don’t be fooled into thinking that wider is always better. A hammock that is too broad may make you feel pretty claustrophobic as the extra material will wrap itself around you.

You’ll also need to give thought to length. In general, if you are tall you should be looking at a model which is over 96 inches. If, like myself, you weren’t blessed with height, a slightly shorter model should do you fine.

Choose A Hammock With Plenty Of Adjustment Points

Hammocks need suspension systems, as well as a pair of carabiners. Some companies will sell everything in one pack; others will require you to buy the accessories separately. The key point here is to choose a hammock that has a lot of attachment points. This will give you more flexibility when you’re setting up, vital when you need to adapt to your surroundings.

Carabiners For Hammocks
Carabiners For Hammocks

Think About Comfort Versus Weight

A full hammock set can weigh in at as little as 7 ounces or can be as heavy as several pounds. Reflect on how much you will be comfortable to carry and whether you plan to do a lot of hiking with your hammock on your back. Ultimately it comes down to comfort versus weight, and that’s something only you can decide.

There’s no doubt that camping is one of life’s simple, yet exciting, activities. Nature offers plenty to enjoy and explore, and there’s no better way to do it than with a trusty hammock as your partner. Just make sure you take your time and follow the tips above, then all that’s left to do is have an excellent camping adventure!…